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MBA OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Question Paper of Nagpur University

MBA OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Question Paper of Nagpur University Second Semester Master of Business Administration ( M.B.A ) Examination
( New Course )
Group G
Paper I
( Project Management
Time : Three Hours ]    [ Max. Marks : 80]

Note:- 1) Attempt five questions. At Least two questions from each section are com­pulsory.
2) All questions carry equal marks.

1. Explain the characteristics of project management. Illustrate the phases of project life cycle.
2. Discuss elements and principles of project orga­nisation. Draw project organisation structure.
3. State objectives anti scope of' project planning.

4. Explain the development of cost summaries for tracking project expenditures.
5. Explain the process of analyzing labour utilization and cost effectiveness in a proje

6. Write a detailed note on 'Project performance management and -control'.

7, State and explain the causes associated with project success and failure.

Define project contract agreement. Write essen­tial features 7o£ ,a ;prvject caiiltradt-.

9. Explain the process -of project risk analysis to be carried out during various stages of project.

10. Write notes on (any two) :-­
a) MS-Project software,
b) Indian. scenario of successful project mana­gement.
c) Work Breakdown Structure ;(\WBS.)
 d) Quality Planning in Projects.


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