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Nagpur University faculty want dissolution of edu ‘task force’

Nagpur University faculty want dissolution of edu ‘task force’
A group of physical education teachers have demanded the dissolution of the 'task force' for the faculty alleging large-scale irregularities committed by its members. Citing appointment of 'tainted' persons as chairman of faculty and subsequent arrests of two professors while accepting bribe for passing students, the teachers demanded immediate overhaul of the 'task force'.

A delegation under former Senate member Manmohan Bajpayee met vice chancellor Siddharthvinayaka Kane with a set of demands while insisting on a thorough probe. The VC has declined to dissolve the 'task force' stating that it would hamper smooth functioning of the faculty but assured that complaints would be taken seriously. 

The aggrieved teachers pointed out that every year NU conduct practicals of graduate and postgraduate examinations in two groups, but this year four groups were formed, without assigning any reason.

Citing UGC guidelines where it had made mandatory PhD students to take only regular teachers as guides, the delegation said that 'task force' members flouted all rules and regulations while appointing 'outsiders' for conducting exam work.
Source : http://www.iamin.in/en/nagpur/news/nagpur-university-faculty-want-dissolution-edu-%E2%80%98task-force%E2%80%99-84845


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