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Strictly implementation of Anti Ragging policies in Nagpur University Colleges

Strictly implementation of Anti Ragging policies in Nagpur University Colleges | Strictly implement anti-hazing policies per UGC norms in RTMNU colleges

Nagpur University asked its affiliated colleges to fully implement the policy against hazing, according to the rules framed by the University Grant Commission.

A communique NU director of student welfare Neehal Sheikh cited UGC on February 25 letter calling on colleges to ensure that every student and their parents each academic year to submit an undertaking in this regard.
Citing Case Supreme Court, the UGC made clear that the regulation 'curbing the menace of ragging in higher education, 2009' must be required by all colleges and universities across the country.
Citing UGC, Sheikh asked colleges to submit a letter stating that the guidelines are followed and compliance and the company submitted in. & Quot; Any violation of this regulation will be viewed seriously. Moreover, if an institution fails to take adequate measures to withdraw in accordance with the regulatory sanctions by UGC, & quot; said Sheikh.
UGC has recommended to all universities and boost settings anti-hazing mechanism through adequate publicity through various mediums to the establishment of separate committees or squads, cells, installing CCTV cameras and alarm bells among others includes. Also, regular interaction with students, the identification of problems triggers warn against hazing, unannounced inspections should be ensured in the campus.
The student and the parent community can be also aware of anti-ragging helpline, website and monitoring agency. The institutions seek to take legal action in serious cases, where the local police authorities. All settings are proposed to hold workshops on the eradication of hazing and are requested to display anti-ragging posters in all the important locations of the campus, according to the communiqué of NU director.
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