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Student Complaints - University robotics center did not have any robots

Student Complaints - University robotics center did not have any robots | No robots in NU's robotics center, students complain to CM

TOI News - The Nagpur University was fortunate to get a robotics center, one of the dream projects of Maharashtra Prime Minister Devendra Fadnavis. However, the apathy of senior officials led NU students to complain to the CM is known about the lack of facilities and even the faculty, NU insiders.
The injured students had written a letter to the CM with numerous complaints. It included the lack of robotics for the practicals, the absence of full-time faculty and non-teaching staff, and not now, to conduct research on half time, among others.

Fadnavis, in turn, directed NU administration led by Vice-Chancellor to look Siddharthavinayaka Kane to the complaints and address the complaints voiced by students at the earliest. The administration, notorious for its inefficiency, then began acting on complaints and made some improvements, but students said to be done much more.

The center was started with great fanfare last year and the name "Oberoi Centre for Excellence after Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi has agreed to fund a call from the CM itself. The actor also visited the university here to keep up with conversations NOW officials.

NU College, University and University Development (BCUD) director Dinesh Agrawal, who was with the establishment of the prestigious center, confirmed that the students had filed a complaint with the CM, but said it was more than three months ago, and varsity had addressed most of their grievances. "We obtained robots from Germany and it usually takes time because it involves many procedures. Now, we have all the systems, state-of-the-art for the students. Even our laboratories are fully equipped installed" he told TOI.
Kane refused to take calls in this regard when he was abroad.
Surprisingly, pro-VC Pramod Yeole, which is currently looking after charge VCs, pleaded ignorance about such complaints or directives from the office of the CM to NOW. "I have no knowledge about it. Regularly VC can be informed. I will speak BCUD director and other officials and let you know," he said. His ignorance about such important development related to the office CMs again raises the issue of lack of coordination between the top NU officials, said insiders.

2 new courses in robotics center

The 'Oberoi Centre for Excellence would launch two new postgraduate (PG) diploma courses from the current academic year. These are "Cloud Technology and Information Security 'and' Mobile Applications'. Both courses would be of a duration of one year starting with a capacity of 30 and recordings would next week. Now imagine Management Council meeting on Tuesday approved the center of the officials to the two new courses for beginning graduate, pro-VC Yeole told TOI. The center has been active PG Diploma in Industrial Robotics, "which 22 recorded last year.

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